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Bow Logic is a site dedicated to archery and bow hunting gear. We love shooting and hunting, but won’t ever claim to be the best shot or the best hunters. Truth is, there are a lot of folks out there way more qualified to help you fix your form or locate big bucks.

Admittedly, we spend the majority of our time researching the best gear, sights, rests, arrows, you name it. We analyze the crap out of anything before we buy it, pouring over different websites and forums to find as many opinions as we can before we make a decision. We also take a hard look into the companies, the materials they use, and the designs they put out. We’re not sponsored by any manufacturers, which means we can say whatever we want, good, bad, or otherwise.

We also like to be efficient with what we purchase and make sure our gear is suited for what we am going to be using it for. Certain gear is better for certain situations. There is no use in spending extra money to buy a fancy bow sight if you are primarily hunting out of a tree in the Midwest and have no intention of taking a long shot.

It’s always tempting to buy more than you need and we do our best personally to keep that urge in check. Some things just aren’t worth spending money on if you aren’t shooting tournaments. We call this the logical approach and that is why this site is called Bow Logic.

Another thing you will notice is that we don’t compare different bow manufacturers on this site, which is something we don’t plan on changing anytime soon. We’re not particular to a certain brand and prefer to buy whichever bow we feel has the best design. We own a few different brands and like to maintain the freedom to buy whatever we want in the future.

The bottom line is that we am doing a lot of the hard work so that you don’t have to. Not everyone wants to spend all their time comparing different pieces of gear. That’s the reason we created this site. It’s a place for us to share my insights based on hours of research.

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