Axcel Armortech HD Review

Price: MSRP $249.99 to $309.99
Pros: Easy to Adjust with micro adjust pins, unique sight housing design, left or right hand, fully protected fiber
Cons: Lacking in pin brightness
Manufacturer: Axcel

The Axcel Armortech HD is a top notch fixed pin bow sight with some cool features and quality construction. We would say that it is comparable to the Spot Hogg Hunter or Black Gold Revenge. The Armortech is easy to use and has a full suite of adjustments that lock down solid and quiet. It isn’t really a flashy sight with a lot of bells and whistles. But, a lot of bowhunters like the Armortech better than other sights because of the micro adjust pin system. Bottom line, we think this sight is worth considering if you are looking for something new.

*Note - The Armortech you see in the pictures here has an additional sunshade that does not come standard with the sight.

What We Like About the Axcel Armortech HD

Easy to Adjust

In our opinion, the biggest reason to buy an Axcel Armortech HD is for the ease of adjustment. The Armortech has micro adjust elevation and windage, both are intuitive and easy to use. It also has 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments. But, the real kicker is the adjustment for the pins on this sight. To adjust a pin you just loosen the allen screw and then use the knob at the bottom of the sight to move the pin up and down. You can move one pin at a time or all at once. It’s a pretty cool setup that makes sighting in a lot easier. This is one of the best designs out there when it comes to individual pin adjustment.

Axcel Armortech Pins

Unique Sight Housing Design

Axcel put some extra labor into designing the sight housing on the Armortech. It’s not the typical tube shaped design that you normally see. The white sight ring is set at the same depth as the sight pins, which is supposed to make it easier to view when off center. It also has this feature that Axcel calls True Center Vision, where the inside of the sight housing is hourglass shaped. Again, the purpose of this is to give you a better sight picture even if you are slightly off center. Together, these features help add a little more forgiveness to your setup.

Right or Left Hand Adjustable

Some bow sights are only available in left or right hand specific models. The Axcel Armortech HD is unversal and can be switched to accommodate any shooter. All you have to do is unscrew the bubble level and reattach it. This nice for left handed shooter or if you want to give the sight to a friend or family member who shoots the opposite way you do.

Axcel Armortech HD

Durable with Fully Enclosed Fibers

The construction of the Axcel Armortech HD is solid aluminum. We don’t do destructive testing but based on our impression of the sight we wouldn’t worry about breaking it. However, the tube-style fiber optic pin is both good and bad. The good is that the design fully encloses the fiber which prevents cracking. We have had cracked fibers before which really sucks because it makes your pin very dim. The downside is that the tubes can probably be bent if they get struck by something hard enough.

Axcel Armortech HD Problems

Pin Brightness

One of the only issues we have noticed with the Armortech is that the pins are not as bright as other sights that we have tested. The Armortech has green, red, and yellow pins. As is the case with other sights, green is definitely the brightest and retains light the best during dawn and dusk. The other colors tend to lose light a bit quicker. This can easily be remedied with the use of a sight light. We used an Armortech with .019 sized pins for testing, which is the most common size. The sight is also available in .010 and .029 sized pins as well.

Axcel Armortech HD 5 Pin

Different Versions of Axcel Armortech

Axcel Armortech vs Vision and Armortech Pro

Axcel makes a couple different versions of the Armortech. The Armortech Vision has a large 2 inch sight housing as opposed to the smaller housing on the original. Everything else is the same between the two sights. You are in luck if you are someone who prefers a larger sight housing. Having a larger housing gives you a wider view of your target, which is nice when hunting in low light. Keep in mind, if you are switching to a larger sight you will probably want to get a bigger peep to go with it (1/4 or 5/16inch).

The Axcel Armortech Pro and Vision Pro have a dovetail mount instead of the standard mount. You can get any version of the Armortech with or without the harmonic dampener, which is designated by HD in the name. All the versions of the Armortech are also available with Axcel’s high speed option. The high speed option just gives you the ability to move your pins really close together. This helps if you have an extremely fast bow (like 400fps) but for the average setup it’s not really needed.

How it Compares to Similar Fixed Pin Bow Sights

The Axcel Armortech, Black Gold Revenge, and the Spot Hogg Hunter are all high-end fixed pin bow sights.

Axcel Armortech vs Spot Hogg Hunter and Black Gold Revenge

There are a lot of superficial differences between the Axcel Armortech, Spot Hogg Hunter, and Black Gold Revenge. In our opinion, the biggest practical difference that most users will care about is the pin adjustment design and pin brightness. And, as far as the pin adjustments go, the Armortech has the edge over Spot Hogg and Black Gold. Their system for adjusting pins is smoother and easier to adjust.

The Armortech doesn’t exactly shine when it comes to pin brightness. Both the Spot Hogg and Black Gold are brighter in out opinion. This isn’t a big deal because you can run a sight light as long as that is legal in your state.

One final note, the 3rd Axis adjustment on the Armortech is controlled with the bubble level only. This isn’t quite as nice as the separate adjustment that Black Gold and Spot Hogg have for this, where the 3rd axis is adjusted on the body of the sight instead.

Concluding Thoughts

The Axcel Armortech HD is one of the best fixed pin bow sights on the market in terms of ease of adjustment. As we mentioned several times, the micro adjust pin design is second to none. The only downside to this sight is that the pins aren’t super bright. As far as quality is concerned, the Armortech is plenty durable and you can rest easy knowing you bought a solid product.

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