The Best Bow Sight Under 100 Dollars

Trophy Ridge Pursuit 2nd Axis

Not convinced that you need to spend hundreds of dollars on a bow sight? Many experienced archers are willing to spend whatever it takes to get a top of the line sight, but that doesn’t make sense for everyone. Not all archers shoot long distances and not all hunters crawl through thick brush or climb rocky terrain. For those types of people, lower-priced bow sights can deliver more than enough. Budget bow sights aren’t always the most durable and don’t always have the most features. However, they won’t have nearly as big of an impact on your pocketbook either. Below is a list of what we believe to be the best budget bow sights under 100 dollars. We have ranked these based on durability, ease of adjustment, features, and more.

ProductBlack Gold RushBlack Gold RUSH
Read Our Review
IQ Bow sightIQ Bow Sight Micro Read Our ReviewTruglo Rival HunterTruglo Rival HunterRead Our ReviewTruglo TSX Pro Series MicroTruglo tsx pro seriesRead Our ReviewTruglo PendulumTruglo Pendulum ThumbRead Our ReviewTruglo Carbon HybridTruglo Carbon Hybrid Read Our ReviewTrophy Ridge PursuitTrophy Ridge Pursuit Read Our ReviewTrophy Ridge Cyphertrophy ridge cypherRead Our ReviewTrophy Ridge DriveTrophy ridge DriveRead Our ReviewTrophy Ridge VoltTrophy ridge Volt Read Our ReviewTruglo Carbon XSTRUGLO CARBON xsRead Our Review
Approximate Price$100$100$85$84$82$73$67$60$48$37$29
ProsMade in America, Super-Durable, Photochromatic Technology, Alternating Pin ColorRetina Lock Technology improves accuracy, Sturdy construction, Most fun sight to useDecreasing Diameter Pin Technology, Micro-Adjust, 2nd Axis AdjustmentEasy setup, CNC Aluminum construction, Adjustable 2nd and 3rd Axis LevelAutomatically compensates for angles at distances up to 35 yards, Pendulum can be locked in place and the sight functions as a single pin slider, tool-less adjustmentLightweight, Extra Long Mounting Bracket, Alternating Pin ColorsQuick setup, large bubble level, easy to operateExtra Long Mounting Bracket, Large Bubble Level, Super long mounting bracketEasy to setup, Light Weight, CompactMost durable sight at this price range, large bubble level, simple to use, various mounting optionsSimple to Setup, Affordable, Lightweight
ConsAll Manual AdjustmentsSmall Bubble Level, Lack of color choices for pinsSome users have noted quality control issuesBubble level mounted outside of sight housingBubble level mounted outside of sight housingSome reviews have noted hardware can strip outNo Printed Sight TapesNo alternating pin colorsSmall Bubble Level, Limited Mounting Options, No yardage tape systemNo alternating pin colorsSmall Bubble Level
MaterialAluminumAluminumAluminumAluminumAluminumAluminum/Carbon HybridAluminumBallistic Co-PolymerAluminum with Polymer Sight HousingAluminum with Polymer Sight HousingCarbon Composite
Number of Pins4 or 5 Pins5 Pins5 Pins5 PinsSingle Pin5 PinsSingle Pin5 PinsSingle Pin5 Pins4 Pins
Pin Size.019.019.029 (top) .019 (2,3) .010 (4,5).
Rheostat LightSold SeperatelySold SeperatelyIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded

Best Bow Sight Under 100

Black Gold Rush

montana black gold rush review

Photochromatic Technology
Alternating Pin Colors Adjustable Bubble Level
Super-DurableAll Manual Adjustments

Our top recommendation for anyone looking for the best bow sight under 100 is the Black Gold Rush. This sight is right at the hundred dollar mark but in our opinion it is worth every cent. The Rush is significantly more durable than every sight on this list. It’s also the only one that is Made in America. However, as with many budget bow sights there are sacrifices, which leads us to the one negative here. This sight lacks any tool-less or micro-adjust capability and every adjustment is made manually. However, once you get this sight set up you can forget about it.

The best feature of this sight is Black Gold’s Photochromatic technology. This feature automatically blocks excessive light from hitting the fibers which keeps the pins at the perfect level of brightness. The pins are a “bombproof” design, and machined from bar stock instead of produced by casting. The Black Gold Rush is the perfect sight for anyone looking for simplicity and durability above all else.


Most Accurate Bow Sight Under 100

IQ Bowsights Micro

IQ Bow Sight Review

Retina Lock Technology improves accuracy Micro-adjust
Fun sight to shootSmall Bubble Level
Sturdy constructionLack of color choices for pins

If you are looking for the most accurate bow sight under 100 look no further than the IQ Bowsights Micro. This sight features cutting edge Retina Lock Technology that makes it stand out. This technology helps archers make more accurate shots by eliminating torque and inconsistent anchor points. Ultimately, this will help develop you as an archer and it’s a blast to shoot with. It can also help keep your shot true when shooting from awkward positions when hunting.

This sight is well built and also features micro-adjust, which makes it easy to use. However, it is a smooth-style micro adjust instead of click-style. One downside to this sight is the lack of different pin colors, all green with a red pin in the middle. Another downside is the small bubble level. Bottom line, this sight is a great pick if you are looking to increase your accuracy.


Best Single Pin Bow Sight Under 100

Trophy Ridge Pursuit

Quick setup No Printed Sight Tapes
Large Bubble LevelEasy to Use

The Trophy Ridge Pursuit is the best bow sight under 100 if you are a fan of single-pin sights. The Pursuit is half the price of more expensive single pins like the HHA Optimizer Lite, but is very similar in design. Once you get this sight setup it is pretty easy to change between distances. This sight has a clean sight picture, bright pin, and generously sized bubble level. However, the big downside to this sight is that there are no pre-printed yardage tapes included. This requires a little labor on the part of the user to manually mark each distance. The hardware on this sight can also be a little sloppy compared to higher priced sights. But, if you want a single pin sight on the cheap, the Pursuit is a good bet.


Best Multi-Pin Bow Sight


Truglo TSX Pro Series Review

Micro-Adjust Excellent Value
Strong ConstructionSome reviews have mentioned hardware Prone to Stripping Out

The Truglo TSX Pro Series is our top recommendation for the frugal archer who wants a multi-pin sight that is easy to use. The TSX Pro is one of the only sights in this review that has an all aluminum design and micro-adjust. Most other budget sights make you choose between a durable design or easy adjustments, this one has both. It also has a 2″ sight housing and alternating pin colors, which make target visibility and acquisition easy. The one thing we really didn’t like about this sight was the bubble level. It is relatively small and also mounted outside of the sight housing. Bottom line, this sight is perfect for archers who want a durable and easy to use sight that won’t break the bank.


Best Bow Sight on a Budget

Trophy Ridge Volt

best bow sights under 50

Most Durable Sight for the Money Large Bubble Level
Various Mounting OptionsNo Alternating Pin Colors
Simple to UseNo Micro-Adjust

If you are looking for the best bow sight under 100, or actually way under 100, the Trophy Ridge Volt is hard to beat. We were most impressed with the Volt compared to all the sights in the $30-$50 range for several reasons. Many manufacturers skip important details when making budget priced sights, but this one is an exception. The Volt is constructed mostly from aluminum except the sight housing, which is polymer. This gives the sight strength and durability at the most critical points. The mounting bracket is solid and drilled for various mounting positions. The adjustment sliders do not have micro-adjust but they are visibly marked to make it easier on you. The Volt also has a generously-sized bubble level.

These things give the sight a leg up on other comparably priced sights like the TRUGLO Carbon XS. The only thing we don’t love is the lack of alternating pin colors. We are confident in saying that this is the best bargain-priced sight.


Best Light Weight Bow Sight

TRUGLO Carbon Hybrid

Carbon Hybrid 5 Pin

Lightweight ConstructionAlternating Pin Colors
Extra Long Mounting BracketOnline reviews have mentioned hardware stipping out

The TRUGLO Carbon Hybrid is our top pick for shooters who want to lighten up their setup. The sight is made from a carbon/aluminum composite material. This is supposed to provide the best of both worlds in regards to durability and weight. However, we aren’t confident enough to say this material is as strong as actual aluminum. Our assessment is that it doesn’t compare in durability to similarly-priced aluminum sights like the TSX Pro Series. However, it’s got some advantages, an extra long mounting bracket, and the level is mounted inside the housing. The Carbon Hybrid has micro-adjust which helps to make small adjustments when tuning. It also has alternating pin colors to help identify different yardages. This sight is a good pick for the money but don’t expect it to be as bulletproof as an all aluminum sight.


Best Bow Sight for Tree Stand Hunting

TRUGLO Pendulum

Review Truglo Pendulum

Automatically Compensates for AnglesLevel Mounted Outside Sight Housing
Can Function as a Single Pin Slider

The TRUGLO Pendulum is the most unique sight in this review. It looks and operates a lot like a single-pin sight but has one big difference. The Pendulum design allows the sight housing to pivot freely, which automatically compensates up to 35 yards for shots taken from an elevated position. This gives you much more accurate shots from a tree stand. The cool thing about this sight is that the pendulum can be locked in place and used as a single pin slider. TRUGLO also includes a bunch of printed yardage tapes to make setup quick and easy. In the single pin configuration you can shoot distances of up to 80 yards depending on your bow speed.

There are a few things we don’t love about this sight. The pin sights relatively exposed in the sight housing and the level is also mounted outside of it. All things considered, this is a very versatile sight that gives a unique advantage to tree stand hunters.


How to Choose the Best Bow Sight Under 100

Spending less money on a sight doesn’t necessarily require you to compromise on performance. Most budget sights require you to choose between durability, price, and features. It’s pretty difficult to get all three at the same time. The important part is determining where your priorities lie when purchasing a sight. There are a few things you should ask yourself.

  1. Do you prefer single-pin or fixed-pin sights?
  2. How far do you like to be able to shoot while practicing and hunting?
  3. Do you value durability or features more?

Pin Style

The pin style you choose to shoot is a personal preference. Many people really like the clear sight picture that a single-pin sight provides. However, the big limitation with the single-pin design is that you have to physically adjust the sight to shoot at different yardages. Compare this to fixed-pin sights where you have the advantage of being to set your pins once and then shoot to any distance while at full draw. The downside to this is that your sight picture is much more crowded.


The distances you shoot depends largely on your skill level. A lot of archers like to practice at longer yardage once they become more experienced and require sights that can accommodate this. Single pin sights have the unique advantage of being able to adjust out to longer ranges. Fixed-pin sights are more limited in this regard. Other archers have no burning desire to shoot much beyond the common hunting range of 40 yards. If you are in this boat you may be better off with a fixed-pin sight because you won’t have to adjust it once you get it sighted in.

Hunting Style

Determining whether you want the best durability or the most features will depend on your hunting style. Some people hunt a lot harder than others and their equipment is subject to more abuse. Some types of hunting are also less intense, like turkey hunting for example. If you want both durability and a lot of features you will want to consider spending more on a sight. If you want to purchase the best bow sight under 100 you will have to make some compromises. The Black Gold Rush is a good example of a sight that is super durable but doesn’t have a ton of extra features. The TRUGLO Carbon Hybrid is a good example of a sight that has many features but is less durable.


You don’t always have to spend a ton of money to purchase a bow sight that will perform well. When it comes to selecting the best bow sight under 100 you have to keep in mind what’s most important to you. There are sacrifices to be made when choosing between durability and features. On one end of the spectrum you have durable sights without many features that can take some serious abuse. On the other end you have sights that have many features but might require you be a bit more careful with them. Be honest with yourself and take some time to select the best sight for your hunting and shooting style. At the end of the day the most important thing that you have a sight that you are confident with.

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