6 Best Single Pin Bow Sights For Hunting 2019


Each year it seems like more and more people are trying to find the best single pin bow sights for hunting. We won’t disagree that multi pin bow sights are very effective for hunting. However, they can’t match the clarity and lack of clutter that single pin sights provide. If you are thinking about making the switch you have probably noticed that there are a ton of options. Trying to narrow the field down can be tough, especially if you can’t get your hands on the products. That’s the reason for this list.

We have gotten our hands on more single pin bow sights than most people get the chance to. Over the past few years we have spent a lot of time shooting and hunting with them. Quite honestly, the outcome surprised us. It’s true that you never know exactly what you are getting until it shows up. We have done our best to give as much of those details as possible in these reviews.

Want to skip all this reading and skip right to the part where we say which single pin bow sight is our favorite? Well, here you go. The Black Gold Ascent Verdict was our favorite when we originally posted this article in 2017 and remains our favorite now.


Best Bow Sight for Hunting, Single Pin or Multi Pin?

We couldn’t write this post without talking about single pin vs multi pin bow sights and why you would choose one over the other for hunting. The biggest benefit to using a single pin is the clear sight picture. The biggest drawback is that you don’t have multiple pins to change distances at full draw. With a single pin sight you have to let your bow down and adjust the dial on your sight to truly change distance. The biggest benefit to using a multi pin sight is that you have a variety of different distances available at full draw. The big drawback to that is that multiple pins clutter your sight picture. Sometimes this can lead to using the wrong pin in the heat of the moment.

No matter which type of sight you choose it is still tough to get a shot on an animal that has moved since you went to full draw. Even if you ranged the animal before drawing your bow you won’t know the exact distance if it moves. You end up trying to hold over or under or pin gap with either sight. It is important to practice a lot with your sight so that you know how to handle these situations.

Many single pin sight users set the sight at 25 or 30 yards for hunting. This will usually allow you to hit 20-35 yards and only be off by a few inches. Our advice for single pin users is to practice shooting various distances with your sight set at 25 yards. This will help you get familiar with how high or low your arrows will impact.

Bottom line, single pin bow sights have a clear advantage when shooting known distances. You can range an animal at 37 yards and dial your sight to that exact setting. With a multi pin sight you will have use the gap between your 30 and 40 yard pins.

Choosing the Best Single Pin Hunting Sight


Our list has options for just about any budget. We always like to advise against overspending on equipment if you don’t have to. Certain applications won’t require you to buy a $250 bow sight. We are also aware that it is hard to fight the impulse to buy cool gear. The best advice is to determine the feature you need to be effective while hunting and look at sights in that price range. You can spend a bit less if your typical hunt involves hunting on flat ground at close distances and going back to a truck at the end of the night. If you are hiking into the mountains and won’t come down for days you will want to spend more.


Sight weight plays a role in how well your bow balances. Heavier sights can cause problems here and that’s why most people prefer lighter sights. However, heavier sights often have more features and are much more durable.


Durability is a big concern for any type of hunting equipment. We don’t have many durability concerns with any of the sights on this list. The weakest link on most sights is the fiber optic and pin. However, most manufacturers have switched to fully enclosed fiber and beefed up pins.

Design and Features

We really admire a good design. That’s one of the reasons we started this site. Each sight has a totally different design. The adjustment dials are different where some turn more freely than others or are easier to grip. Features are can be the deciding factor when purchasing a sight. Most manufacturers have some signature features that you can’t get elsewhere. This is one area where personal preference really comes into play.


Most hunters will never shoot at animals beyond 50 or so yards and every sight on this list will get you there. There are also options for hunters who like to push the envelop. If you do want plan to shoot long distances we recommend getting something with 2nd axis adjustment as well. This will effect your accuracy at longer distance.


Since this is a list of single pin sights every one has a dial or slider for the elevation adjustment. You will want to pay attention to whether or not a sight has micro-adjust windage. Most importantly, look at the sights 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments. These are some of the most critical elements of accuracy for certain hunting applications. It is highly recommended that hunters get a sight with axis adjustments for shooting at elevations or long distances.

Pin Size and Brightness

The appearance of the pin on your sight is one of the most critical elements of your hunting setup. When you take aim at an animal you want to be able to see your pin clearly. A lot of shot opportunities happen in low light so it is important to have a bright pin. You also don’t want a pin that is so bright that it washes out your target in bright light. Some of the sights in this review have features that allow you to dim the pin manually. All of them can be fitted with lights to add brightness as well. Keep pin size in mind when purchasing. The most common pin size is .019 which is a happy medium. You can go larger with a .029 pin or smaller with a .010 pin. In most cases you will want a light with the smaller pin.

6 Best Single Pin Bow Sights for Hunting 2019

Black Gold Ascent verdict for hunting

Black Gold Ascent Verdict

  • Weight: 9.26oz
  • Features: Photochromatic Technology, Rear Facing Sight Tape, 2nd and 3rd Axis
  • Best For: All hunting applications

The Black Gold Ascent Verdict has an exceptional blend of weight, features, and durability. A lot of hunters love this sight for good reason. The photochromatic technology on this sight is awesome. It turns purple to automatically block UV rays from hitting the fibers when the sun is too bright. Black Gold sights have some of the brightest pins on the market so this feature really helps. It also has 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments plus an adjustable level. These help to get the sight dialed in to be accurate for mountain hunting. We also liked the rear facing sight tape and moveable indicator pin. One downside is that it lacks is a micro adjust windage control. Ultimately, we loved the simplicity and light weight of this sight.


Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg Sight tape

Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg

  • Weight: 11.88 oz
  • Features: MRT Technology, 2nd and 3rd Axis, Double Pin Option
  • Best For: Western hunting for Elk, Mule deer, or anything else

The Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg is one of the toughest sights on the market today. If you took a fall you would probably be more likely your wrist than break this sight. The downside to this is that it is a little heavier than other sights. However, it is also loaded with features. The Tommy Hogg has 2nd and 3rd axis, plus micro adjust windage and elevation controls. Two features unique to Spot Hogg sights are the double pin and multi ring technology (MRT). MRT allows hunters to get great peep to sight alignment in various light conditions. The optional double pin maintains a clear single pin sight picture but gives you an additional reference point at full draw. For 2018 the sight was updated with a new adjustable yardage pointer as well.


HHA Optimizer Tetra

  • Weight: 11.11oz
  • Features: Mechanical rheostat, 2nd and 3rd axis, Smoothest mechanical operation
  • Best For: Western hunting for Elk, Mule deer, or anything else (Whitetails or Turkey if you want)

The HHA Optimizer Tetra is brand new for 2018. We like this sight over the HHA King Pin for hunting due to the lighter weight. This sight has all the features that make a great hunting sight. The biggest advantage to this sight is the mechanical rheostat to help control pin brightness. Since HHA has some of the brightest pins on the market it’s nice to be able to tone it down when the sun is shining. It also has 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments to ensure accuracy on tough shots. Our favorite thing about this sight is the ultra smooth yardage wheel. Other sights can be difficult to grip, turn, or lock. The HHA Tetra has none of those issues.


Spot Hogg Fast Eddie

Spot Hogg Fast Eddie

  • Weight: 10.22oz
  • Features: MRT Technology, 2nd and 3rd Axis, Double Pin Option
  • Western hunting for Elk, Mule deer, or anything else

The Spot Hogg Fast Eddie was introduced in 2015 and quickly became one of the most popular bow sights for hunting. Honestly, we don’t like it quite as much as the Tommy Hogg but we can see why people love it. It is lighter weight than the Tommy but includes most of the same features. It comes with MRT technology and is available with a double pin scope. All of the adjustments required for western hunting are present, 2nd and 3rd axis as well as micro-adjust windage. The main reason we like the Tommy Hogg better is because it is a little more heavy duty. It also has a sight scale and micro-adjust elevation. The locking mechanism on the Tommy is also not in the way as much. However, don’t take that to mean this isn’t a great sight, because it is.


HHA Optimizer Lite

HHA Optimizer Lite

  • Weight: 8.75oz
  • Features: Micro-adjust windage, Mechanical rheostat, Simple design
  • Best For: Mid-western and Eastern hunters, whitetail aficionados, etc.

One of the best single pin bow sights for mid-western and eastern hunters who want to keep costs down is the HHA Optimizer Lite. This is one of the most simple and dependable single pin sights on the market. The Optimizer Lite doesn’t have all the feature necessary for the tough shots involved in western hunting. Namely, it lacks 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments. However, it is built with the same quality and attention to detail as other high priced sights. It does have micro-adjust windage and is available with the mechanical rheotstat for controlling pin brightness. The sliding mechanism on this sight is super smooth and locks down easily.  One drawback is that the sight tape is marked in 5 yard increments instead of 1 yard. You can also run into quiver clearance issues with some quivers when using this sight.

Bottom line, this is a great choice for a hunter looking to keep it simple. You could hunt whitetails for a few decades and never need another sight. It is also pretty easy on the pocketbook. If you are looking for a sight on an even tighter budget, check out the Trophy Ridge Pursuit. It is a lot like the Optimizer Lite but is half the price.


Truglo archer' choice range rover review

Truglo Archer’s Choice Range Rover

  • Weight: 10.55oz
  • Features: Micro-adjust windage, lots of vertical range, rheostat light included
  • Best For: Bowhunting on a Budget

The Truglo Archer’s Choice Range Rover is great option if you are looking for a single pin sight on a budget. This is an all aluminum sight with an easy turning yardage dial. It also has micro-adjust windage and a solid sight tape kit. This sight has a ton of vertical travel for shooting long shots. However, it is limited in accuracy by the lack of 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment. That makes it a poor choice for western hunters. It is much better suited for mid-west and eastern hunters. It also comes with a rheostat light included.


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  1. Love the HHA Sports Tetra sight awesome hunting sight as well as a great 3D sight.I Have been a HHA fan for years they hit it out of the park with the Tetra.

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