HHA Optimizer Lite King Pin

HHA Optimizer Lite Kingpin Review 3

Price: MSRP $379.99 to $479.99
Pros: Interchangeable yardage wheels, Blind 20 yard stop, micro adjust, 2nd and 3rd axis
Cons: Quite heavy
Bottom Line: One of the very best single pin bow sights on the market
Manufacturer: HHA Sports

HHA Optimizer Lite King Pin Review

The HHA Optimizer Lite King Pin is a high end single pin bow sight. There are few sights with a similar level of design, quality, and features. The King Pin has all of the key features you would expect in a high end sight, like micro adjust and 2nd/3rd axis. It also has several features that are unique to HHA, like interchangeable yardage wheels and a “blind 20” feature. The downside is that this sight ain’t cheap, and it might even be overkill for some shooters. However, if you are looking for one sight that can do everything, the King Pin is one of the best options out there. We honestly believe this is one of the best bow sights on the market.

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Design and Features

We are going to tell you the bad news first in this review. The HHA King Pin is a heavy sight. It would actually be difficult to find a heavier sight on the market. The sight we tested had an XL housing and weighed 13.6oz on on our scale. This can make your bow a tad top heavy. However, you will never have to worry about durability!

Looking past the weight, the King Pin does have an awesome design. This all aluminum sight is made in the USA and the design of the moving mechanism is top notch. We have yet to test another moveable sight that is as smooth to operate. In addition to that, there are a bunch of other cool features incorporated into the design.

Interchangeable Yardage Wheels

The HHA King Pin comes with two interchangeable yardage wheels. We think this is the biggest way that the HHA King Pin stands out from its competitors. You can put a different sight tape on each wheel and swap them out easily. This comes in handy for anyone looking to only buy one sight for multiple applications. For example, someone who uses different arrows for hunting and target shooting can set up a different wheel for each situation. This is important because changes to your arrow setup have an effect on which sight tape you should use. You could also set these up to use the sight with multiple bows. There are probably more ways to use it if you get creative.

Blind 20

The King Pin has another unique feature that HHA calls Blind 20. This feature allows you to set a stop at your 20 yard mark so if you have to move back to that distance in a hurry you won’t have to look. The stop is adjustable and could be set at a different yardage if desired.

Sight Tape Magnifier

The sight tape magnifier is unique to the HHA King Pin as well. The magnifier shows an enlarged image of the sight tape, which makes it possible to adjust your sight to the 1/4 yard. This feature came standard on early versions of the King Pin and to be honest a lot of people hated it. Luckily, HHA listened to their customers and started including both the sight magnifier and a brass pointer with each new sight. In our opinion, the brass pointer is a better option for most shooters. However, feel free to try both and see which you like best.

HHA King Pin 2nd Axis

Built-in 2nd and 3rd Axis Adjustment

This is just one area where the King Pin stands out from the rest of HHA’s lineup. Until the Optimizer Tetra came out, the King Pin was the only one with integrated axis adjustments. The design of these adjustments is top notch and easier to use than most competing designs. HHA also includes the allen wrenches needed to make these adjustments with the sight.

HHA Optimizer Mechanical Rheostat

Mechanical Rheostat

The mechanical rheostat is something that HHA fans have come to know and love. HHA sights have some of the brightest pins on the market. Sometimes they are too bright, especially when the sun is shining. The mechanical rheostat takes care of this issue by allowing you to block sunlight from hitting the fibers. As a result, your pin gets dimmer and prevents the dreaded halo effect. The benefit to that is that it keeps your target clear. This feature has a minimalist design and adds a huge benefit to the sight without getting in the way.

Sight Tape System

The HHA sight tape kits have been updated for 2018 with new color coding and waterproofing. However, the setup process remains the same. Sight in at 20 yards and at 60 yards, and then follow the included instructions to find out which tape is correct for your arrow speed.

HHA Optimizer King Pin

Setup and Ease of Use

The HHA King Pin is very easy to use, despite having a lot of different features. The design is relatively straight-forward and it is every bit as simple as the Optimizer Lite. Pull the sight out of the box. Secure the housing to the sight body. At that point you are basically ready to sight in at 20 yards. Take the time to make sure you get a good mark at 20. This will have a huge effect on how accurate your sight tape is.

Once you get that, sight in at 60 yards. But before you do, this is a good time to stop and adjust the 2nd axis on your bow. This will help ensure your 60 yard groups are accurate. If you are shooting at a small target we recommend moving back incrementally to 60. This should save you any lost arrows. Once you have both of your marks for 20 and 60 you have to do some math and follow HHA’s instructions to pick the correct tape.

After you have the initial setup out of the way you can start tinkering. The blind 20 feature is a quick adjustment. You can also swap out your yardage wheels when installing your sight tape. The sight tape magnifier is another thing we recommend people try out vs the brass indicator pin. Ultimately, this sight is super easy to figure out even for non-experts.

Best Application

The HHA Optimizer Lite King pin is best suited for experienced archers. However, you don’t need to be a pro to appreciate the quality and design of this sight. It is a great pick for anyone who wants a sight that can be used interchangeably for hunting and shooting competitively. This sight is super durable and has all of the features you need to be competitive at tournaments or in the mountains. There really isn’t another sight on the market that is quite as versatile as the King Pin is with its interchangeable yardage wheels. The only downside to this sight is the heavy weight.

HHA Optimizer Lite King Pin Models & Pricing

The King Pin comes in a ton of different configurations. You can choose between three different housing sizes, two pin sizes, and standard or dovetail mount. There is also a three pin version as well. Along with this, there is a huge range of prices from an MSRP of $379.99 to $479.99. For the complete list visit the HHA Website.

HHA Optimizer Tetra Review

Like this sight but not the price? Check out the HHA Optimizer Tetra

The HHA Tetra is an option if the HHA Optimizer Lite King Pin caught your eye but you can’t justify spending that much on a sight. It is almost the exact same sight. The bad news is that it has a few less features. However, if you think you can go without the blind 20 feature or interchangeable yardage wheels then it might be worth a look. Check out our review of the Tetra here.

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