HHA Optimizer Tetra – New Bow Sights for 2018

HHA Tetra Review

Price: MSRP $249.99 to $309.99
Pros: Front-mounted dial with ninja star grip, Two stage micro-adjust, 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment
Cons: Possibly heavy weight
Bottom Line: Exciting new design from a standup company
Manufacturer: HHA Sports

HHA Optimizer Tetra Review

A few days before Christmas, HHA broke the news on their website that they would be offering a new sight in 2018, the HHA Optimizer Tetra. We followed along as HHA hyped the new sight at the 2018 ATA show. Soon after, we put in a pre-order at our local pro shop and then waited for it to show up. Finally, after over a month of waiting we got the sight mounted and started testing it. Right off the bat, the build quality and design really impressed us. The sight was easy to get setup and we shot it for hours without a hiccup. We predict this being a very popular single pin bow sight in the future.

Updated Design and Features

The HHA Tetra shares a lot of similarities with the HHA Optimizer King Pin. Sometimes we think of it as the King Pin Lite. However, there are also a few design changes that are unlike anything that HHA has put out.

Yardage Dial

The HHA Tetra sports a brand new yardage wheel design that is pretty unique. HHA refers to this as a “Ninja-Star Wheel.” We found that the new design was comfortable to use and easy to grip. It is also nice to see that HHA went with a wheel forward design on the Tetra. This ensures there will be no issues with quiver and arrow clearance. The one downside to this is that there are no interchangeable yardage dials like there is on the King Pin.

Sight Tapes

HHA came out with all new sight tapes for the Tetra. The new tapes are more distinctly colored and waterproof. We didn’t spray any water on the tapes but we will take their word for it. The old tapes never caused any issues for us when mixed with water. One other thing we found out is that the sight tapes for the Tetra and King Pin are exactly the same. So, if you shoot a number 38 tape on one sight that same number should work on the other.

New Two Stage Micro-Adjust Windage Design

We were surprised to see a new micro-adjust design on the HHA Optimizer Tetra. The existing windage bar had been one of our favorites. However, the new two stage design is an exciting change. It is similar to the design used by Spot Hogg. The two stage design features a rough adjustment combined with 1/2 inch of travel on the micro-adjust drive. The first step to setup is using the rough adjustment to center the pin over your arrow. For the second step you fine tune one click at a time with micro adjust. We found this new design to be more convenient than HHA’s old one. As usually, HHA marks all these components very clearly to make things easy on the user. The new design probably helps shave some weight off compared to older models as well.

HHA Tetra Review

Integrated Infinite-Adjust Vertical Bracket

We are huge fans of this new design on the Tetra. Previous HHA bow sights lacked a free-sliding vertical bracket to adjust the vertical position of the sight housing. With the new design users are no longer be limited by the bolt holes on the sight. Instead, there are an infinite range of adjustments for the housing. The biggest benefit we found is that it allows you to zero your sight at 20 yards with the yardage wheel at the starting position. This gives you the ability to rotate your wheel to 20 yards without looking.

Built-in 2nd and 3rd Axis Adjustment

One of the biggest complaints people often have of lower priced HHA sights is that there are no 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments. This alienates some western hunters and 3D shooters especially who needed these adjustments to be accurate when shooting at extreme angles. However, this new design puts this sight up to par with others like the Black Gold Ascent Verdict, Trophy Ridge React One Pro, and Spot Hogg Fast Eddie.

HHA Tetra Weight

This was a mystery before the sight hit the market. We all wanted to know how the Tetra would be compare to the King Pin. We found that the weight of the Tetra was 11.11 ounces on our scale. This makes the Tetra lighter than the King Pin by a couple ounces.

HHA Tetra Setup

Ease of Use

We think the Tetra might be the most user friendly of all the HHA sights. The new infinite adjust bracket eliminates the need for users to figure out which set of holes to use when securing the sight housing to the sight base. In the past, some archers would pick the wrong holes and then max their sight out short of its capable distance. This isn’t an issue with the Tetra if you follow the instructions.

HHA Tetra Setup Instructions

The Tetra doesn’t quite follow the same setup instructions as previous HHA sights. It comes with a setup tape installed, and you should rotate the yardage wheel to zero and lock it down to start. From there, adjust your 20 yard grouping using the infinite adjust slider and the windage controls. Once that is done, it is good to adjust the 2nd axis before moving on. The next step is to shoot groups at 60 yards. Once you are confident with those groups do the calculations as instructed by HHA to find the correct sight tape.

Models and Pricing

The Tetra is available in less configurations than older HHA sights, per the product page. The new sight is only be available in .010 and .019 pin sizes, which is bad news for anyone who would have liked to have it in .029 pin size. It also is not being offered with the 3-pin housing. However, archers will still have the choice between the 1 5/8 inch housing or the 2 inch XL housing. The mechanical rheostat is standard on all models of the Optimizer Tetra.

The MSRP for the HHA Optimizer Tetra starts at $249.99 and goes up to $309.99 for the upscale models. See the chart below for the full details:

ModelOTR-5510 (Left Handed Model Available)OTR-5519 (Left Handed Model Available)OTR-XL5510 (Left Handed Model Available)OTR-XL5519 (Left Handed Model Available)
Sight Housing1 5/8"1 5/8"2"2"
Pin Size.
Mechanical RheostatYesYesYesYes
MSRP Price$269.99$249.99$309.99$289.99

Where to Buy the HHA Optimizer Tetra?

Now that the HHA Tetra has been out for several months it has started popping up more for sale online. You can find it on Amazon and eBay. If you don’t want to go that route you can always get it ordered through a local pro shop. Check out the HHA website to find a pro shop near you.

HHA Optimizer Tetra vs King Pin

As we already mentioned, the HHA Tetra is very similar to the King Pin. Both sights have the same high quality build and are very smooth and easy to operate. They have the same 2.1 inches of vertical travel. They also both come with the mechanical rheostat. Even though they look a little different they operate about the same.

However, there are a few differences that we recommend users evaluate if choosing between the two. The King Pin has interchangeable yardage wheels and the Tetra does not. This will likely be the biggest deciding factor for most archers. As of 2019, both sights will be available with a dovetail mount or solid mount. There is also no optional sight tape magnifier for the Tetra. The blind 20 feature is exclusive to the King Pin as well. Although, that feature isn’t really needed due to the infinite adjust bracket on the Tetra. Check out our HHA buyer’s guide for more information.


Find the Best Price
AmazonCheck Price
Contact your local pro shopStarting at $249.99

*Prices shown are for base models. Additional configurations and upgrades will be priced higher.
  1. Is it logical to run a .010 pin on the tetra because of hha’s brightness? Which sight do you like better: tetra or ascent Verdict?

    • Not necessarily. The HHA .010 pins are bright enough to hunt with but I wouldn’t base a buying decision on that alone. It really depends more on how much of the target you like to cover with the pin and your shooting style. I would also go Ascent Verdict over the Tetra but that’s just my personal opinion. The Tetra has smoother and more refined design but I like the bare bones design of the Ascent Verdict more. Both are great sights, just depends on your personality.

  2. I saw that you can now get the tetra in a dovetail. I recently purchased the tetra after christmas and was wondering if you could buy ONLY the dovetail arm and swap out the arm on the previous model.

    • I have seen a King Pin dovetail or two for sale on archerytalk before, which is the same mount as the tetra. So, it can be done but I’ve never seen any other place you can buy them. My advice would be to call HHA and tell them you want to convert to a dovetail and see if they will work with you. They have a good reputation for customer service and I image would help you out.

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