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Price: $259.99-$309.99 Depending on Features (List) | Check Price on Amazon
Pros: Extremely Durable, Light Weight, 2nd and 3rd Axis Adjustment, Micro-Adjust
Cons: Single Mounting Position, Have to Manually Cut Sight Tapes
Bottom Line: A Single Pin Sight That Does it All
Manufacturer: Spott Hogg

Spot Hogg Fast Eddie Overview

The Spot Hogg Fast Eddie is a serious piece of equipment. In fact, it’s one of the best all around bow sights available today. It has everything you could possibly want, virtually unlimited adjustment capability, supreme durability, and comes in a bunch of different styles. Spot Hogg is often hailed as the best sight manufacturer in archery circles due to their reputation for quality. Every piece on the sight is made to tight tolerances that keep it rattle free and ultra quiet. It’s also constructed out of 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. The design of the Fast Eddie allows archers to easily shoot out to 100 yards. This sight might even be a little too much for some hunters and archers. However, if you are a hardcore shooter looking for the absolute best bow sight this might be one for you.

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Design and Features

The Spot Hogg Fast Eddie is fully loaded with every feature that you could possibly want. It has both 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments and micro-adjust windage capability. The yardage adjustment is also silent unlike some other Spot Hogg sights that click as you adjust them (Tommy Hogg and Boss Hogg). The most unique feature with the new Spot Hogg sights is the MRT technology to help with peep alignment.

The design of the Fast Eddie has evolved since it was introduced a couple years ago. Spot Hogg has redesigned the yardage knob with a better grip and also included a better yardage pointer. Other than that the sight has remained the same. One thing we don’t love about the design is the quick release lock for the yardage dial. It tends to get in the way when it is released and you are trying to turn the yardage knob. This isn’t a deal breaker, just something to note. Another downside to the Fast Eddie is that there is only one set of holes to mount it to your bow. This means you can’t adjust the sight closer or further from your riser. However, it does have a pretty long mounting bracket and will sit further from your riser than most sights.

Weight Comparison

One of the biggest benefits to the Spot Hogg Fast Eddie is the light weight design. It isn’t lighter than simpler sights with less features, but among more sophisticated sights it is one of the lightest.

 lightest single pin bow sight

Multi-Ring Technology (MRT)

Spot Hogg Fast Eddie Double Pin

One of the coolest features included with the Spot Hogg Fast Eddie is the multi-ring technology. This technology is designed to help peep alignment in varying light conditions. In low light this is especially useful. Normally in low light your sight appears smaller inside your peep. The MRT fills in that empty space in your peep and ensures you always have a ring to use for alignment.


Most importantly, the Fast Eddie is Made in America and about as durable as they come. We can’t really imagine any scenario that would cause it to break. Even if you did find a way to break it, Spot Hogg is one of the most reputable brands in the business and stand behind their products 100%.

Spot Hogg Fast Eddie .010 PinSpot Hogg Fast Eddie Rheostat LightSpot Hogg Fast Eddie Light
Left to Right: Spot Hogg Fast Eddie with .010 pin, Picture taken within minutes of the end of legal shooting light without light, and (far right) with rheostat light on


The Spot Hogg Fast Eddie is available in three different pin sizes .010, .019, and .029. It is also available in single-pin, double-pin, 3-pin, and 5-pin models. The double-pin design has been extremely popular since it combines the clean sight picture of a single-pin and the versatility of a multi-pin. Generally, the bottom pin is about 10 yards further than your top pin. So if you are set up at 20 yards you also have the ability to shoot to 30 yards with the second pin. You can also pin gap to shoot in between the two distances. This is a really exciting new technology that Spot Hogg is leading the way on.

Spot Hogg also has one of the most durable pin designs out there. It is a blade style pin with extra metal at the base to keep it rock solid. We prefer the .010 pin size for increased accuracy at longer distances. However, be advised that if you choose this size you will also want to buy a rheostat light as well. The .010 is not extremely bright in low light (see pictures above). The .010 pin with the light is the ultimate combination in our opinion. You can light it up to be as large as a .019 pin, but you can’t dim a larger pin size to be as small as a .010 pin.

Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL

Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL and Multi-Pin Configurations

Spot Hogg recently came out with an XL version of the Fast Eddie. It comes with an extra long dovetail mount and has an expanded elevation slide for extended yardage. This makes the sight perfect for 3D archery competitions and long distance shooting. The Fast Eddie XL is also available in single-pin, double-pin, 3-pin, and 5-pin configurations. Check it out on amazon.

Spot Hogg Fast Eddie Single Pin

Ease of Use

If you are used to simple bow sights the Spot Hogg Fast Eddie takes a little getting used to. It has every adjustment that you can think of. However, one you take a little time to get familiar with the sight it is a breeze. The 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments require allen wrenches, as does the clamp for the scope rod. You can also mount the front part of the sight in four different positions on the slider. This gives you a lot of room to experiment and find what works best for you.

The windage has micro-adjust in addition to the free sliding scope rod. This allows you to quickly set your sight at your bows center shot and fine tune from there. The windage is locked down with a lever so you can make small adjustments without tools. The elevation is adjusted via the yardage knob. The knob has a lack and quick release as well (as we mentioned earlier this can be a bit cumbersome).

Sight Tapes

The Fast Eddie also includes a set of printed sight tapes. When sighting in, start at 20 yards. Once you are accurate at 20 you install one of the calibration tapes. Then you sight in at 60 and the yardage pointer on the sight will be pointing at a letter on the calibration tape. This corresponds to the correct sight tape to use. This can be a bit of an issue if you aren’t very comfortable shooting at 60 yards and unlike the HHA sight tape system there is no option to sight in at 40. Another downside to the sight tape kit is that you have to manually cut out the sight tape you want to use. This is a bit more work than the HHA tapes which are pre-cut.

Click the image below to view full setup instructions.

Spot Hogg Fast Eddie Instructions

Best Application

The Spot Hogg Fast Eddie is a great choice for serious archers who want a sight that can do it all. This sight is extremely versatile and can always be relied on when it counts, whether that is at a 3D shoot or out hunting. The only real downside to this sight is the lack of mounting options. The Fast Eddie is one of the most durable sights available and will hold up to anything you can throw at it. It also has the full range of adjustments necessary to help you be as accurate as you can possibly be. This is probably a little too much sight for certain hunting styles or if you aren’t shooting long distances. However, the Fast Eddie is a nice choice if you are looking to hit some longer ranges and step up from a good sight to a great sight.

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