Spot Hogg Hunter Review

Pros: Simple, durable, quiet, micro adjust everything, 4 position solid mount, MRT technology
Cons: Finicky pin adjustment, large sight housing only
Manufacturer: Spot Hogg

There are a ton of 3, 5, and 7 pin bow sights on the market. Without a doubt, the Spot Hogg Hunter sits in the top tier of all those sights. The biggest reason bowhunters seem to purchase Spot Hogg sights is because of durability and overall quality. We don’t do any destructive testing here, but if we did we would expect the Spot Hogg Hunter to come out on top. It is a stout sight with a solid build that isn’t prone to break or rattle loose. The Hunter is also one of the quietest sights you can get. Lastly, one of our favorite things about this sight is the simple design. It has all of the adjustments that you need to hunt anywhere without being overly complicated. Bottom line, this is a great option if you are looking for a 3, 5, or 7 pin bow sight.

What We Like About the Spot Hogg Hunter

Simple, Durable, and Quiet

Sometimes archers buy high end gear because it is loaded with features. But with Spot Hogg sights it’s a little different. We would say people buy Spot Hogg for the durability over every other reason. The design of the Hunter sight is maximized for staying put, not rattling loose, and not breaking. There’s no plastic, it’s all metal. Beyond that, our favorite thing about the sight is the simplicity of it. It’s got everything you need and nothing you don’t.

The guy who we purchased this sight from made a point to mention that the Spot Hogg Hunter was the quietest sight he had ever used. After using it for a while we have to agree. There’s no buzzing, rattling, or anything else for that matter.

Micro Adjust Everything

The Spot Hogg Hunter has micro adjust everything. However, the elevation and windage are not a click style micro adjust like other sights have. The Hunter uses a free spinning adjustment that you need an Allen wrench to turn. We liked this design because it seems way more solid than most designs and has no slop.

We would say the Hunter has the best 2nd axis design that we have used. It is far easier than most to get adjusted perfectly. The 3rd axis has micro adjust as well.

Also, the Spot Hogg Hunter sort of has micro adjust sight pins. However, the design is a little finicky and takes some getting used to in order for fine adjustments to be made.

Spot Hogg Hunter Micro

Solid Mount with 4 Positions

Dovetail mounts are all the rage these days but we still prefer the simplicity of a solid mount. The Spot Hogg Hunter has an awesome solid mount with 4 bolt sets. This gives you more adjustability than most sights that only have 3 bolt sets. Getting your sight mounted with good peep alignment is easy with this solid mount.

Multi-Ring Technology (MRT)

Multi-ring technology has been a huge selling point for Spot Hogg sights in the past few years. The multi-ring technology helps with peep alignment in various light conditions. You might have noticed that sometimes your sight housing appears smaller or larger through your peep. This can make it tough to get good peep to sight alignment especially in low light where you have empty space between your peep and your housing. Multi-ring technology is designed to fill that extra space and give you extra rings to use for alignment. The Spot Hogg Hunter comes with three different rings. There is a large multi-ring, small multi-ring, and a single ring.

Spot Hogg Hunter MRT

What We Don’t Like About the Spot Hogg Hunter

Pin Adjustment Design

As we already mentioned, the Spot Hogg Hunter has micro adjust pins, sort of. We didn’t love the design of the adjustments and we aren’t sure they warrant being called micro adjust. In our opinion, micro adjust pins force you to move in small increments and prevent big moves and mistakes. Spot Hogg’s system doesn’t really do that. Instead, you adjust the pins by loosening and tightening two screws opposite each other to get the pin where you want it. It definitely takes some practice to get good at this system and it is possible to mess up and move the pin too much.

Giant Sight Housing

When took the Spot Hogg Hunter out of the package for the first time we were surprised at how large the sight housing was. Then we did some digging and found out that Spot Hogg revamped their line when they released the MRT technology and only offer the large housing. That is the reason you get three rings when you buy one of these sights. One of the MRT rings gives you a large housing feel. The other MRT ring is smaller and is supposed to mimic a standard size sight housing.

What we don’t like about this is that the single right that is included only mimics a large pin guard. So, there’s no way to setup the sight like a standard single ring bow sight if you end up not wanting to use the MRT technology.

How it Compares to Similar Sights

Spot Hogg Grinder vs Hunter

The Spot Hogg Grinder is built to the same quality standards as any other Spot Hogg sight. But, it doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles that you would get with the Spot Hogg Hunter. Most importantly, the Grinder does not have 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments like the Hunter does. That will likely be the deciding factor for most archers. Technically you could use some metal washers to jury rig a 2nd axis adjustment, but most would rather just buy the Hunter. Both sights have MRT technology.

Spot Hogg Hunter vs Axcel Armortech and Black Gold Revenge

It’s hard to go wrong when you are looking to purchase a top tier bow sight. These sights all have the adjustment capabilities that you would expect in this price range, both axis adjustments, micro gang adjustments, etc. So for most hunters, it is the small details that end up being the deciding factor when purchasing. Spot Hogg definitely has a reputation for being the most durable sight. In our opinion, Black Gold has the brightest pins plus photochromatic technology. We also think that the Axcel Armortech has the best pin micro adjustment. The Spot Hogg Hunter is not our favorite as far as the pin adjustments go. However, for quietness and durability the Spot Hogg Hunter can’t be beat.

Concluding Thoughts

We really enjoyed the simplicity of the Spot Hogg Hunter compared to other bow sights that we have tested. It’s a great choice if you are looking for a quiet and durable fixed pin sight. The only thing we didn’t love was the pin adjust design. We thought the rest of the adjustments were very well done. Check out the Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg or Fast Eddie if you like the thought of this sight but would rather have a multi-pin slider.

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