Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg Review

Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg vs Fast Eddie

Price: $219.99-$324.99 Depending on Features (List) | Check Price on Amazon
Pros: Heavy duty build, MRT Technology, Micro adjust windage and elevation, 2nd and 3rd axis
Cons: Heavy weight at 11.88oz
Bottom Line: Super tough, accurate, and versatile bow sight
Manufacturer: Spott Hogg

The Tommy Hogg has been on the market for a while. It was around long before the Fast Eddie and we still think it is the better sight out of the two. The Tommy Hogg is more solid, has more vertical travel, and also has finer adjustment capability than the Fast Eddie. For 2018, Spot Hogg updated the Tommy Hogg design with a new purple yardage pointer and MRT pin guards. It is now available in a double pin configuration as well. This sight stacks up well against any of the other top multipurpose sights on the market. It has some unique advantages for competitive shooters, but at the same time it is simple enough to use in a hunting scenario.

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Design and Features

The Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg is Made in America and built tough. It is all aluminum with a solid hunter mount and has a bit more beef to it than most sights. For 2018, the Tommy Hogg got updated with a new purple aluminum yardage indicator. In our opinion, this is much better than the old wire needle design that was replaced. The Tommy Hogg has a bunch of different screw and knobs, which can look confusing in a picture. However, the sight is pretty simple to understand once you get it in your hands.

We also want to point out that we like the Tommy Hogg better than the Fast Eddie from Spot Hogg. First, it is built more heavy duty and has variable mounting positions. It also has enclosed gears. The windage knob is easier to grip and the locking mechanism doesn’t get in the way like it does on the Eddie. To top it all off, there is a greater range of vertical adjustment with the Tommy Hogg.

Bull Knob with Sight Scale

One of the signature features of the Tommy Hogg is the bull knob with laser engraved sight scale. This sight scale isn’t intended to be used in place of a sight tape. It’s actually for helping to build custom sight tapes using computer software. You can get an ultra precise zero at a particular yardage using this scale along with the vertical micro-knob. There are 8 clicks of the micro-knob between each whole number. If you aren’t building custom tapes you can just ignore these numbers.

No Tool Micro Adjust

The Tommy has no tool micro adjust windage and elevation. The windage is actually a two stage adjustment. For coarse adjustments you need to use a tool to slide the scope rod left or right. Once you get that set you can use the horizontal micro-knob to make finer adjustments. The Vertical micro adjust knob can help you make fine changes after you have already spun the bull knob to the correct position.

Multi-Ring Technology (MRT)

Spot Hogg Fast Eddie Double Pin

One of our favorite features included with the Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg is the multi-ring technology. This technology is designed to help peep alignment in varying light conditions. You may have noticed that your sight housing appears smaller or larger inside your peep depending on the amount of light present while you are shooting. Sometimes there is a big gap between your peep and your housing and sometimes it is perfect. The MRT is designed to fix this issue. This tool fills in that empty space in your peep and ensures you always have a ring to use for alignment. However, if you have trouble focusing, a single ring is also included.

2nd and 3rd Axis

No high end sight would be complete without 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments. Using these to ensure your sight is level with your bow is crucial to having a truly accurate setup. The Tommy Hogg has both axis adjustments and they are both easy to use.

Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg Weight

One area where the Tommy Hogg doesn’t shine is in overall weight. At 11.88oz on our scale, it is one of the heavier sights we have weighed. Personally, we didn’t mind the extra weight on this sight.

Spot Hogg Sight Tapes

Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg Sight Tapes

The Tommy Hogg includes a set of printed sight tapes. They are marked in 1 yard increments and brightly colored. Like most sight tape systems you sight in at 20 yards to start. Then you stick a calibration tape on and sight in at 60. Once you are confident with your 60 yard group check the letter on your tape that the indicator pin is pointing to. This will let you know which sight tape to use.

If you need replacement sight tapes for your Tommy Hogg you can find them at Lancaster Archery or S&S Archery.


how to choose bow sight pin size and color

Pins (and Double Pin option)

One thing we noticed with the Tommy Hogg vs the old model Fast Eddie that we tested is that the pin design had been improved. On the old Fast Eddie single pin the fiber was unprotected on the front of the pin. The new Tommy Hogg double pin that we tested had fully protected fibers.

This sight is available in single-pin, double-pin, 3-pin, 5-pin, and 7-pin models. It is also available in three different pin sizes .010, .019, and .029. The double-pin design has been extremely popular since it combines the clean sight picture of a single-pin and the versatility of a multi-pin. The only downside is that the second pin isn’t adjustable. We recommend practicing with the double pin frequently to figure out the distances.

Ease of Use

At first glance, the Tommy Hogg might look intimidating to some people. It’s got a bunch of different adjustments and moving parts. However, it is a lot easier to use than it looks like it would be. For example, most users can completely ignore the sight scale on the side of the yardage wheel. That is only for creating custom tapes.

We were surprised to learn that the vertical micro-knob actually serves a dual purpose as the locking mechanism for the bull knob. Some people complain that this is noisy and clicks when locked. We didn’t think it was too big of a deal. However, if you don’t like it you can go without locking it in most situations. The bull knob turns stiff enough that nothing should move. The Tommy Hogg also has tool-less adjustment for windage and elevation. However, the axis adjustments require an allen wrench.

Overall, the sight is pretty simple to use once you get it in your hands. All of the basics like windage, elevation, mounting are straight forward. In our opinion, the only thing that takes some getting used to is the MRT technology.

Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg Review

Best Application

The Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg is solid sight that can be used for hunting or shooting competitively. We also really like it for long distance shooting due to the fact that it has a large vertical range. The Tommy is a good choice for western hunters. It is built to endure just about any conditions in the field and also has both 2nd and 3rd axis for accuracy in the mountains. This is also a good option if you need a multi-purpose sight to use for hunting and 3D shooting. However, it’s probably a little bit overkill if all you plan do is hunt whitetails.

Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg Instruction Manual

Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg Instruction Manual

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