Trophy Ridge React One Pro

Trophy Ridge React One Pro Review

Price: $269.99 List | Check Price on Amazon
Pros: React Technology, 2nd and 3rd Axis adjustment, Large bubble level, Bright pins
Cons: Heavier than most single pin sights
Bottom Line: Single pin sight loaded with with technology and adjustments
Manufacturer: Trophy Ridge

Trophy Ridge React One Pro Review

The Trophy Ridge React One Pro is a highly sophisticated single pin sight. It features Trophy Ridge’s signature React technology and a bunch of other bells and whistles. The React technology is a relatively new feature that allows shooters to automatically adjust their preset yardages within the sight. It also has micro-adjust as well as 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments. This sight is a bit complicated compared to other single pin sights. All the different features also make it one of the heaviest single pin sights out there. If you are the type of person who likes to keep things simple you may want to look at other options. However, if you like to spring for cutting edge technology you will probably enjoy shooting with this sight.

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Design and Features

The React One Pro is a premium sight that features sturdy all aluminum design. The Pro is a definite improvement over the original React One version. The sight is available in solid mount or dovetail. The solid mount has three positions you can use to get the sight closer or further from your riser. Typically dovetail mounts allow you to move the sight even further from the riser. However, the dovetail option for the react one isn’t very long and doesn’t get you much distance that you wouldn’t have with the solid mount.

Weight Comparison

Perhaps the biggest downside to the React One Pro is that it weighs a lot. It is one of the heaviest single pin sights out there based on our scale. Weight is something worth taking into consideration when choosing a sight. Some shooters want their gear as light as possible. Others will take on a little extra weight to gain features. That choice is up to you.

lightest single pin bow sight

One of the perks of this sight is that it has easy 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments. It also has micro-adjust windage and elevation with a solid locking mechanism. All of the adjustments on this sight have laser etched marking as well which makes life a little easier. One thing we didn’t love about this sight was the sliding mechanism. This was harder to turn up and down than most of the other single pin sights we have used. The knob is also not the easiest to get a hold of.

Trophy Ridge React One Pro Review

React Technology

React technology is exclusive to some Trophy Ridge sights. The purpose of the technology is to predict your pin gaps without the use of a calibration tape like many other single pin sights use. You simply have to sight in at 20 and one other distance, doesn’t matter which one. Then you turn the master adjustment screw on the sight to line up the second distance and that calibrates the rest of your distances automatically. On a single pin sight this essentially takes the place of setting up with a sight tape. This makes getting setup a little easier. The react yardage indicators are also tipped with fiber optics. The sight has a separate light to illuminate these marks in low light conditions.

Trophy Ridge React One Pro Pin

Trophy Ridge React One Pro with .019 pin


The Trophy Ridge React One Pro comes with a .010 or .019 sized pin. We used the .019 sized pin and found it to be bright and crisp. The sight also comes with an adjustable rheostat light just in case you need a little extra illumination. The actual fiber is protected well inside a clear housing on the front of the sight. It also has a sturdy blade style pin, which we prefer to other pin designs.

Ease of Use

The React One Pro is not the most simple single pin sight around. It’s got a ton of bells and whistles, but that doesn’t mean it’s not easy to adjust. The micro-adjust windage and elevation controls operate smoothly and are brilliantly marked. For a lot of archers getting that set is good enough. However, it does take a little extra knowledge to set the sight set up 100 percent. If you have never set 2nd or 3rd axis adjustments it is helpful to get a little help from a friend or a good pro shop. There are also a ton of youtube videos out there on the subject.

Trophy ridge React One Pro

If you have never owned a Trophy Ridge sight with react technology you are probably unfamiliar with that aspect of the sight. However, the react technology is a breeze to get setup. All you have to do is get zeroed in at 20 yards and then one other distance. Then you turn the master adjustment screw to match up the pins with the yardage indicator. This pulls all of your other yardages into alignment automatically. Essentially, the calibration is built into the sight instead of using a calibration tape like most other single pin sights.

Sight Tapes

The React One Pro includes a bunch of printed yardage tapes and some stickers to mark the pins on the react slider. Since the React technology calibrates all of distances automatically there isn’t a huge need for the actual sight tape. However, if you prefer to use one that is an option. Otherwise, you can use the stickers that are included to mark the distances after you calibrate the sight.

Trophy Ridge React One Pro Sight Tapes

Best Application

The Trophy Ridge React One Pro is loaded with technology to make getting set up and shooting easy. It also has 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments for anyone needing that extra bit of accuracy. Once set up this sight is accurate out to 100+ yards. The sturdy aluminum construction of the sight gives you peace of mind that it won’t fall apart in the field. The only downside with all of these features is that the sight gets a little bit complicated. If you are a fan of simple sights we recommend looking at the Black Gold Ascent Verdict. However, if you like having a full arsenal of features and adjustments this might be a good sight for you.

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