Trophy Ridge React Pro 5 Review

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Pros: React Technology, 2nd and 3rd Axis adjustment, Micro-adjust, Bright pins, aluminum construction
Cons: Small issue with exposed pin fibers
Bottom Line: Getting Setup is a Breeze
Manufacturer: Trophy Ridge

Trophy Ridge React Pro 5 Review

The Trophy Ridge React Pro 5 is a great product for any bowhunter who wants an easy to use bow sight. Trophy Ridge’s React technology might seem like a gimmick if you haven’t used it before but after spending a lot of time with this sight I can tell you it’s not. It does exactly what it is supposed to do and makes getting dialed in as easy as possible. The React Pro also has all the features you could want in a bow sight, micro-adjust elevation and windage, as well as 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments. I was impressed with this sight and it’s worth a look if you are looking for a new fixed pin bow sight for hunting.

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Design and Features That I Liked

React Technology

React technology is the main feature of the React Pro 5 bow sight. Even on a fixed pin sight, this technology acts similarly to a sight tape system on a single pin sight, as I explained in our React One Pro Review. Traditional fixed pin sights have a separate adjustment screw for each pin, which you adjust individually when you sight in your bow. The React Pro 5 only has one adjustment knob and that moves all the pins at once, except the 20 yard pin, which stays put.

Trophy Ridge React pro 5 vs h5

For example, when I mounted this sight I adjusted the entire sight housing to get on target at 20 yards. Then I moved back to 30 yards and adjusted the master knob to bring my arrows on target. When I made that adjustment, the 40-60 yard pins automatically adjusted at the same time. So, when I stepped back to 40 yards my arrows were already on target. Trophy Ridge doesn’t mention this, but I feel like the best way to ensure accuracy is to sight in at 20 and 60, similar to what HHA recommends in their sight tape instructions.

Trophy Ridge states that as long as two pins are calibrated it is mathematically impossible for the others to be off. But, you might be wondering if you could do a better job just sighting in the pins yourself. I would venture to guess that most archers could not. This system simply eliminates the guess work. It’s worth mentioning, the most crucial thing to pay attention to when setting up this sight is that you use a rangefinder. If you don’t ensure that your target is at the correct distance you are shooting yourself in the foot.

So, is the React technology worth it? I still think you should do your due diligence and shoot 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 yards. Don’t use the sight as an excuse to be lazy. However, I loved not having to fight with each individual pin, loosening screws just enough to move the pin a millimeter but not too far. The React system is incredibly smooth and easy to use and it’s worth it for that fact alone.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that you do need to be shooting about 240 fps for the React technology to work accurately.

Aluminum Construction

One big difference between the Trophy Ridge React Pro vs the standard React H5 is the construction materials. The React H5 is a polymer sight and the React Pro uses all aluminum construction. This has obvious benefits, one being that Aluminum tends to be more durable. An underrated benefit is that aluminum makes for a quieter bow sight that is much less likely to make any kind of rattling or buzzing noise during the shot.


trophy ridge react pro 5 micro adjust

One thing Trophy Ridge does very well with their React Pro sights is having a very smooth micro-adjust capability. I noticed this originally when testing the React One Pro and again with the React Pro 5. When you turn the micro-adjust windage and elevation knobs on this sight they feel solid and give you the feeling that this is a quality product. Obviously, micro-adjust is a very convenient tool help you sight in your bow quickly and accurately with no tools needed.

2nd and 3rd Axis

trophy ridge react pro 5 axis

The React Pro has standard 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments. On this sight these adjustments are nothing fancy and there’s no ability to micro-adjust with a set screw like other high-end sights. Another thing to note is that Trophy Ridge printed white reference marks on these adjustments, which not every manufacturer does. This gives you a visual representation of how far you have adjusted the axis. However, this is not really all that necessary because when you set your axis adjustments you are more focused on aligning your bubble levels than anything else. Nonetheless, for many hunters these axis adjustments are a make or break feature. In this regard, the big difference between the React Pro vs the React H5 is that the latter only has a second axis adjustment.

Pin Brightness

trophy ridge react pro 5 pins

The Trophy Ridge React Pro is available with .010 or .019 sized pins. I used a React Pro with .010 sized pins for testing and I found these to be bright compared to other .010 pin sights that I have tested. This sight uses blade style pins and I found that physical body of the pin is pretty slim. The pin colors on this sight are green, green, red, green, green. I prefer this setup but other hunters may opt for a sight with more options.

What I Didn’t Like

My only real issue with this sight is that I don’t like how exposed the actual fibers are on the front of the pin. I noticed after the season that one of the fibers was a little bit loose. However, this is an easy problem to solve with a dab of silicone.

How it Compares to Other Sights

Trophy Ridge React H5 vs React Pro

You might be looking at the Trophy Ridge React H5 vs React Pro and wondering if the latter is worth paying extra for. The most obvious difference between the two sights is that the standard React H5 is made out of a polymer material and the Pro is aluminum. You can expect the React Pro to weigh a bit more but for many hunters this is negligible. The added durability and solid nature of aluminum makes me feel more comfortable with a sight.

Another difference is that the React Pro has a tool less adjustment for the pins whereas the H5 requires an allen wrench for this. The micro-adjust elevation and windage on both sights is tool less. Go with the React Pro if you need the 3rd axis adjustment because the H5 only has 2nd axis.

Lastly, the React Pro is available in .010 or .019 sized pins vs the H5 which is only available with .019 inch pins.

Trophy Ridge React Pro vs Spot Hogg Hunter

How does the Trophy Ridge React Pro stack up to a classic like the Spot Hogg Hunter? Both sights have similar features but in terms of user experience they are quite different. Micro-adjust elevation and windage come standard on both sights but the Spot Hogg doesn’t have any tool less adjustments. To me this isn’t a deal breaker because it isn’t really that hard to keep an allen wrench in your pocket. The Spot Hogg also has micro-adjust on the 2nd and 3rd axis, which the React Pro does not have. Obviously, the pins on the React Pro are easier to sight in. I am one person who will admit I am not a fan of the pin adjustment design on the Spot Hogg.

Both sights are made out of aluminum but to me the Spot Hogg feels more solid. I haven’t done any destructive testing but if I needed a sight that I could use to pound in a tent stake I would choose the Spot Hogg. It’s hard to declare a true winner because it really depends on what you are looking for. If you are the type of hunter who wants a sight that feels more solid above all else, go with the Spot Hogg. If you want something that is easy to setup and adjust, go with the React Pro.


If you are looking for a fixed pin bow sight that is super easy to use the Trophy Ridge React Pro 5 is worth considering. The React technology is no gimmick and is nice to have if you don’t want to fiddle around with tweaking individual pins. It also has all of the other features that you would expect in an expensive sight. In my opinion, it’s worth spending the extra money to get the React Pro vs the H5, simply because you get the added 3rd axis adjustment and the peace of mind of aluminum construction. If you are a fan of more simple sights we recommend looking at the Spot Hogg Hunter.

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